World Ice Carousel Association

1. Objective. The Association encourages to build Ice Carousels and have fun during winter, also at the same time informing about challenges, technology and ice mechanics. Building ice carousels is exciting and dangerous!

2. Records

  1. Largest Ice carousel
    The Trophy for the largest Ice Carousel

    1. Crater lake ICEBREAKERS , Lappajärvi, Finland, 515,76 meters
    2. Chuck Zwilling, Little Falls, Minnesota, US, 403.96 meters
    3. ICEBUSTERS, Sinclair, Maine, U.S.A., 375,91 meters
    4. Janne Käpylehto, Sami Alasara, Sam Leijonanmieli, Vesa Koivunen, Crater lake ice carousel, Lappajärvi, Finland, 310,756 meters
    6. Chuck Zwilling, Little Falls, Minnesota, 228.58 meters
    7. Jean-Francois Richard, Clerval, Quebec, Canada, 210,195 meters 
    8. Kuopio Great Balls of ICE, Kuopio, Finland, 184,4 meters
    9. Chuck Zwilling, Little Falls, Minnesota, 154,8 meters
    10. ICEBUSTERS, Sinclair, Maine, U.S.A., 130,15 meters
    11. Janne Käpylehto, Lohja, diameter 122 meters
    12. Chuck Zwilling, Little Falls Minnesota, 112 meters
    13. Janne Käpylehto + Kyro Distillery, Lohja, 100 meters
    14. Team in Estonia/Tartu, 60,4 meters
    15. Janne Käpylehto + Wohls Gård, Kirkkonummi, 57 meters

  2. Fastest Ice carousel
    1. Janne Käpylehto, Helsinki
    2. Dudesons/beyong the press
  3. First Ice Hockey game on top of an Ice Carousel
    Janne Käpylehto with Save pond hockey(President of Finland playing)
  4. Thickest Ice Carousel
    1. Kuopio Great Balls of ICE, Kuopio, Finland, 184,4 meters and 0,95 meters thickness
    2. ICEBUSTERS, Sinclair, Maine, U.S.A., 130,15 meters
    3. Janne Käpylehto with Kemi Lumilinna, Kemi, Finland
  5. First triple ice carousel(two carousels inside one larger),
    Mika Vainionpää/
  6. First quad ice carousel (three carousel inside one larger),
    Chuck Zwilling
  7. First speedskating AND Curling on an ice carousel
    Chuck Zwilling
  8. World’s largest donut: ice carousel around an ISLAND
  9. Specialty: Olympic rings as an ice carousel puzzle.
    In co-operation with the IOC

3. Instructions on documenting a records
If applying for the record for largest carousel, the following is needed:

  • Diameters needs to be measured 3 times from different angles – lowest value applies
  • The Ice carousel needs to do at least one, continuous rotation. Document the rotation video or timelapse-video.
  • Aerial photograph, where the full ice carousel is visible.
  • The records diameter needs to be at least 1 full meter larger than the previous record
  • 2 witness interviews
  • an official statement from a land surveyor.
    Ice Carousel Association will confirm the record. After confirmation a certificate will be sent and the traveling trophy from the previous record holder.