Partiolaiset vauhdissa! – Scouts create a fast spinning ice carousel!

“Jääkaruselli pyörii Helmellä ja leirissä on todellinen helmimeininki! ”
“Feelings at top at the scout camp”
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Kone pyörii – The Machine at work

Vartiosaaressa Helsingissä Kone sahaa jääkarusellia!
Just outside Vartiosaari Island in Helsinki  – The Machine at work.

4.3.2017 Vartiosaari – More info Event March 4th:

Canada – Friends enjoy sunny winter afternoon on massive ice carousel

Ice carousel in Canada MSN News


MSN News: “A cool video has emerged of a group of people enjoying a sunny afternoon on a massive ice carousel in Canada. The footage, shot on Monday in Parry Sound, Ontario, shows the 20-metre-wide ice circle rotating on a frozen lake while friends enjoy a drink in the sun. “It took our guests 10 hours of chainsawing the ice into a perfectly shaped circle, an outboard motor was then mounted a few feet within the now-free-floating centre circle” the filmer wrote online. “The free floating circle is initially propelled by pushing paddles/sticks against the fixed ice, once a good momentum is achieved the motor is started and takes over,” “Approximately 20metres across, weighing in at 500,000 lbs, 1 full rotation takes about 2 minutes…totally cool experience!”

Music: “Americana” 😀 by Kevin MacLeod (royalty free)

Loviisalaiset insinöörit tekivät jääkarusellin – Ice Carousel in Loviisa

Ikiteekkarit Kari Nurmentaus ja Jouko Pulliainen tekivät jääkarusellin

Ohikulkijat ihmettelivät mitä kaksi Loviisan Rantatiellä asuvaa insinööriä Kari Nurmentaus ja Jouko Pulliainen puuhasivat Loviisan lahden jäällä moottorisahan ja perämoottorin kanssa. Viikonloppuna ikiteekkarit saivat valmiiksi jääkarusellin, jossa 6 hevosvoiman perämoottori pyöritti 25 tonnin painoista jääkiekkoa. “

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Loviisan Sanomat

Ice carousel with 5 million views and counting

‘Hi Janne, nice project and cool video. My 4 year old daugher has been watching the video every night’
‘Most fabulous ever!’
‘Mad scientist on the fly!
‘No wifi?’

I’ve been planning to build an ice carousel for some time, but managed to do it in Lohja just now. I shot a video with aerial views and its gone viral. Total views more than 5 million. Next one will be a 50-meter giant with sauna, PV plant, electric outboard motors, stage and band.

Finnish media coverage examples: