The Story

In winter 2017 inventor, author and energy expert Janne Käpylehto in Helsinki could not get an idea out of his head: he had to make a giant Ice Carousel. In winter when temperatures had dropped to – 20 degrees Celcius, the first one was born in Lohja on the beautiful frozen Kirmusjärvi Lake. This carousel was made manually using a chainsaw and some tools. While placing a sauna, a bonfire barbeque for grilling sausages, and hanging out with his friends on the spinning carousel, Janne knew the idea could be developed further. ‘The next one will be bigger – and I will automate the chain sawing process!’a Soon after, by night at his work shop, he built the world´s first Ice Carousel Sawing Machine. Now he had the machine and automation!

At dawn, Janne and his friends headed out to the Arabianranta bay in Helsinki, Finland to put the world´s first Ice Carousel machine to the test. And the machine worked. Powered by its motor, it performed cutting a perfect circle into the ice. The Helsinki Carousel was spun around using two silent electric outboard motors and solar energy. By night fall Janne had a band performing on the Ice Carousel, people partying on huge piece(250 tons!) of slowly spinning ice, beautifully lit by LED lighting. Helsinki city skyline in the horizon acting as a backdrop.

“This is an experience of being part of making something in nature I will never forget.”

“Such a serene and uplifting feeling, I am humbled and excited at the same time.”

“This is nuts, but I love it!”

“Suomi, 100 years, Sauna, Sisu, Innovations, Technology and Madness!”

The press coverage was unprecedented. Both domestic and international and the videos from both carousels went viral.

“Why would you do this?” “Because its fun, and I can! I want to show that in Finland also in winter we can have fun out in the nature, by using technology.” “And I just love to build things.”

                                                                                                                                         >>Janne Käpylehto

A strong advice not do make one yourself, but if you must:

Making an Ice Carousel is of course insane and dangerous, and I strongly advice against it. But if you despite this, make one, you can send basic details, pictures and a video link of it to me and I will show it here on the site and you can feature your own Ice Carousel to the world. Contact

Please include on your email:

  • Location
  • Estimated ice thickness
  • Diameter of the ice carousel
  • Other information?
  • Photo
  • Link to a video f.e. in youtube

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