Canada – Friends enjoy sunny winter afternoon on massive ice carousel

Ice carousel in Canada MSN News


MSN News: “A cool video has emerged of a group of people enjoying a sunny afternoon on a massive ice carousel in Canada. The footage, shot on Monday in Parry Sound, Ontario, shows the 20-metre-wide ice circle rotating on a frozen lake while friends enjoy a drink in the sun. “It took our guests 10 hours of chainsawing the ice into a perfectly shaped circle, an outboard motor was then mounted a few feet within the now-free-floating centre circle” the filmer wrote online. “The free floating circle is initially propelled by pushing paddles/sticks against the fixed ice, once a good momentum is achieved the motor is started and takes over,” “Approximately 20metres across, weighing in at 500,000 lbs, 1 full rotation takes about 2 minutes…totally cool experience!”

Music: “Americana” 😀 by Kevin MacLeod (royalty free)

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