Jääkarusellit – Laitetaan asiat pyörimään!-
Ice Carousels – Let´s make the World Spin

Käpylehto builds 515,76 meter ice carousel on Lake Lappajärvi. New record!


The Zwilling family took the record back! 403.96 meters

Even larger! ICEBUSTERS(Maine, US) did it: 375,91 meters.

New World record at Lake Lappajärvi, 310,758 meters.


World record(225,58 meters) confirmed at ICE FEST 2020, Little
Check this video from the festival!

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 15.59.59.png

Record for the World’s largest Ice Carousel confirmed at Tahko, Finland after serious difficulties

Ville Haapasalo, Janne Käpylehto and Ismo Apell have filmed a new TV series for the new tv channel “Kalastus-TV/Fishing TV” in the Kuopio area. As a part of the project, trio decided to build World’s largest Ice Carousel. A lot of extra help was needed to finish the project. Ismo Apell and other Ice Carousel enthusiasts saw this challenge big enough and they decided to make it rotate. There was additional 5 days of continuous work and the team Kuopio Great Balls of Ice finally managed to rotate the carousel full 360 degrees, breaking the World Record for the Largest Ice Carousel.

The record has been accepted by the World Ice Carousel Association. The Grand Trophy from the previous record holder will arrive to Kuopio, and the team will have a party and a meeting about further Ice Carousel designs during summer. As the ice thickness was 95 cm on the site, also the record for the heaviest and thickest ice carousel was broken. Carousel diameter, measured by the official guideline from the World Ice Carousel Association, is 184 meters meaning that the weight of the carousel is 23000 metric tons and it can support, in theory, over 23000 people. The previous record 154,8 meters was in the United States, held by Chuck Zwilling & family. After Janne Käpylehto built his first ice carousel in january 2017, ice carousels have become popular all over the world.

Also, after long discussions, the Guinness World Records has opened a new category, ‘Largest Ice Carousel’. Team is going to send the needed proof to Guinness also.

This huge task was finally finished by supporting groups from several theatres: Kari Kärkkäinen, Lauri Qvick, Maaria Laukkanen, Iidaliina Apell, Marko Karhu, Jarno Miettinen, Mika Julkunen, Harri Husso and Timo Kilpeläinen. Extra support came from Jaakko Tervonen / Tahko 24h Oy, Arto Jauhiainen, Jani Koistinen / Tahko Safarit OY, Kimmo Lompola, Janne Kokkonen / Tahko outdoors. Team clothes came from Eetta / Crazy station and catering was arranged by Restaurant Pulkka, sauna by Lindgren Design. The most persistent group, who were building this from the start to the successful end were Ismo Apell, Matti and Marja-Liisa Kuosmanen / TAHKOcom OY, Jani Sormunen / Kuopion Seikkailukeskus Oy with some heavy equipment, Metsäkonepalvelu J Hirvonen and Mika Leppänen / Kone ja tarvike.

Check these nice coverages from the I.C.E. fest.


Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.08.08.png

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Tervetuloa Jääkaruselli-nettisivustolleni. Olen Janne Käpylehto, Helsinkiläinen tietokirjailija, keksijä ja energia-alan asiantuntija. Rakastan hauskoja teknologiaan liittyviä juttuja, joissa ihmiset tekevät asioita yhdessä. Tällä sivustolla esittelen jääkaruselli-videoita, -kuvia ja -tarinoita.

Laitetaan hommat pyörimään!

Welcome to my collaborative Ice Carousel site. I am Janne Käpylehto, an author, inventor and energy specialist based in Helsinki, Finland, and I love all things fun related to technology and people making things together. This site is dedicated to pictures, stories and videos of Ice Carousels.  Lets make the winter world spin!

`Moi Janne, kiva projekti ja video. Nelivuotias tyttäreni katsoo tätä videota joka ilta.’
‘Mahtavain juttu ikinä!’
‘Hullu keksijä karannut!
‘Missä wifi?’

Hi Janne, nice project and cool video. My 4 year old daugther has been watching the video every night’
‘Most fabulous ever!’
‘Mad scientist on the fly!
‘No wifi?’


100 meters in diameter – together with Kyro distillery.

Jääkaruselli Ice carousel Janne Käpylehto.JPG
100 meters Ice carousel in Finland.JPG

Jääkaruselli Helsinki  – The Ice Carousel in Helsinki

Ice Carousel by Janne Käpylehto http://www.icecarousel.com

Porukkaa kerääntyy – Ice Carousel Hang-Out Day – Arabianranta – Helsinki

Ice Carousel Arabianranta Janne Käpylehto http://www.icecarousel.com Ice carousel Jääkaruselli

Roihut Roiuhuvuoressa – Roihuvuori Ice Carousel – Flames by Night

Roihuvuori Janne Käpylehto http://www.icecarousel.com Ice carousel Jääkaruselli

Veikkola private party


Jääkaruselli Vuosaari  – The Ice Carousel in Vuosaari (Café Kampela)

Vuosaari jääkaruselli – Käpylehto iskee kuin miljoona volttia

5 thoughts on “Ice Carousels – Spin the World

  1. Hi,

    Interesting art-form/engineering project. Nice drone work. So the record is currently 100 meters in diameter? That looks like a challenge. An issue here (Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada) is the ice will be rather thick soon, over a meter, and, as most trees here are small, so are the chainsaws. I can improvise. One question, do you lubricate the chainsaws with vegetable oil? I can see environmental concerns with regular bar lube in a lake.


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